Multitivit-mix is a special mixture of hydrosoluble vitamins and glucose. These vitamins are of great importance for the metabolism of the bird. Glucose is added to this mixture in order to provide direct energy to the birds.

 Multivit-mix contributes to:
Multivit-mix contributes to:
• enhanced resistance
• good breeding
• optimum recovery

The daily vitamin requirements of a bird are very important, deficiency of vitamins can cause several problems, for example:
• Deficiency of vitamin A can cause low fertility in the male and female, produce changes in the lining of the respiratory and alimentary tract which make invasion by infection easier, affect eyesight and cause death of the embryo.
• Deficiency in the Vitamin B group can cause nervous disorders, retardation in growth and development of feathers, upset in fat metabolism, poor egg hatchability and poor chick development.
• Deciency of vitamin D will cause such conditions as Rickets and soft-shelled eggs

Multivitamins are given at least once a week:
• During growing, moulting and breeding
• During heavy strain and stress
• After treatment for illness, worming and inoculations.


Dosage: Ornamental birds:
• As a one-o dose after medication: 2 g/0.5 l drinking water or 2 g/250 g food.
• As a maintenance dose: twice a week 1 g/0.5 l drinking water or 1 g/250 g food.
Multivit-mix can be added to drinking water or administrated with the feed. Measuring spoon 1+5 g. included.

Interaction(s): not known.

Contra-indication(s): over dosage.


Store dry, out of reach of direct sunlight, between 0-30 °C
Shelf life after rst opening; 0ne (1) year.
Batchnr.and expiry date: see package.
Avoid contact of the medicine with your hands.
Keep out of reach of children.
For animal treatment only. Not for animals intended to produce food for human consumption
Dispose of empty packaging and remaining product in the household refuse.
This veterinary medicine is marketed in accordance with the small animal exemption scheme.


200 g Multivitamins

contains/ gehalten per kg
vit A 1000000 IE
vit D3 250000 IE
vit B1 100 mg
vit B2 230 mg
vit B6 125 mg
vit B12 1250 mcg
Nicotinic acid 1250 mg
Folic acid 25 mg
Pantothenic acid 375 mg
vit E 500 mg
vit K3 142 mg
vit C 1250 mg
Biotin 550 mcg
Methionine 500 mg
Ironsulphate 750 mg
Coppersulphate 100 mg
Zincsulphate 750 mg
Maganesesulpate 75 mg
Potassiumchloride 1500 mg
Sodiumsulphate 2500 mg

  Download Multivit Mix indication on PDF document

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